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STATIS© (STudent And Teacher Instructional Support) system is an exciting and highly effective instructional support tool whose design and development was based upon research and information provided to us by thousands of teachers, school administrators, students, and, research conducted by Johns Hopkins University's Center for Social Organization of Schools (JHUCSOS) and the Department of Education of the State of Massachusetts (DOEMASS).

The data we obtained from the above providers has enabled our technical and academic staff to create a unique video based instructional system that has completely automated all of the instructional, assessment, diagnostic, and remedial activities these two studies showed are critical to the success of a school's academic program. The 11 software applications we created were then integrated within a dual platform based system that provides support for both teacher-led and/or independent self-paced study that provides support for the following essential functions:

  1. Delivers a blended instructional support for teacher-led and independent Study
  2. Provides a video based curriculum aligned to state and local standards
  3. Eliminates all print material for instructional use by students
  4. Completely automates the delivery, and grading of all assessment types
  5. Provides automated grading and diagnostic assessment
  6. Delivers targeted remedial instruction
  7. Provide structures for Collaboration of instruction by teachers
  8. Supports a Principal's real-time analysis of school performance
  9. Enhances a Principal's school leadership and governance
  10. Provide automated methods for Response to intervention learning
  11. Supports differentiated and adaptive instructional strategies

These 11 automated applications will allow teachers to fully support their mathematics program during both teacher-led classroom based instruction and/or during a student's self-paced independent study sessions. Through its use, teachers no longer need to create their own lessons, assessment tests, nor are they required to manually grade and diagnose student test papers or to determine each student's remedial needs. Based upon the results obtained from STATIS' use by more than 100,000 students, it will help schools, its staff, and students to meet their year-end academic goals for mathematics for all of the following subjects:


  • Basic Elementary Mathematics Grades 1-4
  • Advanced Elem. Mathematics Grades 5-6
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus

The Johns Hopkins University study

Although the MASSDOE study showed us how the use of automation could help teachers to become far more effective in the classroom, a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University was even more fortuitous for us, as it revealed to our development team why students were unable to achieve success on the mandated end-of year testing goals was because:

  1. Students with poor reading skills could not fully comprehend or apply the math skills provided in textbooks
  2. These students may have never attained sufficient grade level skills to prepare them for a new math subject
  3. They lacked methods by which groups of students could simultaneously work within a differentiated classroom environment to participate in different instructional strategies to correct the "gaps" in their understanding of mathematics principles and functions

These 11 applications provided within STATIS will play a key role in helping to correct the above problems during both teacher-led instructional sessions and independent, self-paced study of mathematics. Within each of these 8 math subjects, we eliminated the use of textbooks and replaced them with video based instructional content when we realized that many students have reading disabilities that often hinder their ability to grasp what they were attempting to learn. We have tested this premise by providing these video based lessons to more than 100,000 students who found them to be very effective for both the delivery of both the initial instruction and for remedial purposes.

Because of this change, and the use of the automated features included within STATIS, we believe the use of STATIS by teachers, students, and senior level administrators will have a positive and long-lasting effect on every student. In addition, and because of its fail-safe instructional features such as the use of the automated intelligent monitoring and tutoring provided by STATIS, no student will ever fail their course of study.

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