STATIS in the Classroom

STATIS in the Classroom

STATIS© is a hybrid based instructional system that provides technology based support to both teacher led instruction and independent study. Within the classroom, teachers can use the prepared lessons to allow students to study independently. Once this study lesson is completed by all students, teachers hold a discussion on what they had studied, once this discussion is completed, STATIS delivers a diagnostic assessment test that is graded and delivered to the teacher in real-time.

Students who pass this formative assessment progress to the next lesson and either view its video or the instructional lesson content provided by its digital textbook. Students who fail this diagnostic assessment, meet with their teacher who uses the on-line diagnostic assessment test results to deliver the targeted remedial data for each of the 10 questions answered by students. Once this discussion is completed, these students are administered another assessment test and the above cyclical instructional process is repeated until every student demonstrates mastery. Rarely does this cyclical method require more than two or, at most, three iterations.

Throughout this in classroom instructional program, STATIS delivers, grades, diagnoses, and reports on the individual performance of every student. During all of this, a teacher's sole responsibility is to do what they do best, which is to teach and to ensure that the targeted remedial content they provide is understood by students. While this remedial discussion is held with some students, others move on to review the next lessons in the series to prepare for the next instructional session. In essence, STATIS delivers and manages a blended learning program will little effort required of the teacher. Throughout this entire process, every student knows precisely what they must accomplish and how to do so. Although the program is highly structured, students can work at their own time and pace with the precise understanding of what they must complete to be successful.

As the instructional classes are delivered every third or fourth day, the off days are used for additional remedial studies, classroom exercises, group study, or for project based or applied learning sessions. In essence, a blended learning instructional strategy useday of the school year, the manages its pre-written instructional, assessment, and remedial content designed to one group of students, while two other groups are studying independently, on-line within either remedial or accelerated instructional content.. Through this use of automation, the clerical aspects of a teacher's instructional program are reduced by as much as 75%, thus allowing them to concentrate their efforts on the delivery of instruction and ensuring that students have mastered the content and are prepared for end-of-year tests.


Teachers will never have to create a lesson plan, create, grade, and diagnose student results, as all of this is automatically provided by STATIS©. At the end of each unit of instruction, (a unit may contain as many as 4 lessons), STATIS will automatically provide teachers with a list of all formative test questions for which students had problems answering. After holding a remedial seminar to discuss these question, STATIS© automatically creates and delivers a SUMMATIVE assessment test that includes these missed questions.


Students use the STATIS© hand held tablets or their own devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones to review the content , take tests, and to receive test results. Their use will further eliminate the need for paper, pencils, bubble charts, and scanning devices in every classroom and provide real-time feedback to both teachers and students.


It is important to know that throughout the instructional process, students are given multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of the content and to return to any place in the curriculum to obtain remedial help. Students and their parents can even revisit past years to determine if there were any areas in the curriculum where help was needed but not mastered. By simply clicking on the lesson they wish to revisit, students can instantly receive remedial help. Help is just a few clicks away.

Teachers work hard every day, and STATIS© simplifies the process greatly by managing the instructional lessons, remedial instruction, and diagnostic tests, as well as the grading. Teachers use the STATIS report module to easily determine the academic status of each student in their classes with greater certainty and less effort. Teachers can easily validate their own instructional activities and review with their students the precise areas where help is needed.