Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Teacher Resources Inc's on-line tutoring tool is the most useful and versatile tool a teacher can provide their students to assure they understand and master what was taught in the classroom.

STATIS© provides features and benefits unavailable from all other providers in that it provides diagnostic testing that will not only reveal the deficiencies a student is experiencing, but will instantly create a customized course of study and provide instructional strategies that can guarantee student success.

The use of the STATIS© tutoring SYSTEM begins with the delivery of a pre-test that performs a diagnostic assessment of a student's understanding of the subject. This "intelligent" test will reveal those lessons that students failed to grasp and then automatically creates a customized course of study to meet each student's individual needs. There are no complex or confusing textbooks for students to use as the student will watch a 20 to 30 minute instructional video based lesson that simplifies complex math and science content. Each lesson is delivered by Mr. Jason Gibson, a NASA employee and former NASA astronaut. Mr. Gibson's methods makes math and science subjects come to life as he delivers instruction is a manner that makes them easy and engaging. Once this 20 to 30 minute video lesson has been watched, STATIS© delivers a formative assessment that will determine if students understand what was presented. If students pass the assessment, they are allowed to move forward. If they fail, they are retained to watch that section of the video that can repair their problems. After reviewing the video, they must repeat a test. This cyclical process continues until the student demonstrates mastery. As Mr. Gibson's instruction has shown to be highly effective, it is rare that students have to repeat the viewing and retake the assessment. More than 100,000 students have already used our video based instruction to master the most complex subject, even when all other methods had failed. This is because the functions provided by STATIS© make even the most complex math and science functions easy to understand and to use.

TRI tutoring will be the most useful tool a teacher, parent, or even a tutor to have in their academic toolbox because it can do what nothing else has. STATIS© can be used in the classroom for many different uses. Students and parents can have access from home for remedial and study purposes and to always be prepared when they enter the classroom.

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