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About Teacher Resources, Inc.

Teacher Resources, Inc. was formed in 2012 to develop a new type of classroom instructional management system for teachers.

The executive team of TRI have extensive backgrounds in education and the educational technology field. Jointly, we have an excellent record of success in educational software; two of our prior products were installed in more than 2200 schools nationwide.

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TRI Management Team

Gregory Eckles, Ed. D. President and shareholder

Dr. Eckles has had a distinguished career in public education where he served for more than 40 years. Dr. Eckles began his teaching career in Pennsylvania, and subsequently served as a Science Supervisor and Assistant Principal in Albemarle County, In 19987, he accepted the position of Principal within Carroll County, Maryland and served in almost every administrative capacity including school principal, Director of High Schools, and as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Eckles retired from the school system and joined the private sector when he joined Educational Options Inc, (EOI), a nationally known provider of independent study programs, where he served as the firm's Senior Vice President for Curriculum and Instruction. While serving in this position, he created the Blue Ridge Academy, a for-profit on-line high school. This worldwide independent study program served students, especially those from other countries, who were seeking to attain an accredited U.S. high school diploma. Through his efforts, EOI's Blue Ridge academy grew from the ground up to become one of the most successful on-line independent study programs in the world. He was also successful in obtaining national accreditation for the Blue Ridge Academy's operation, and its abilility to provide an accredited diploma to students studying independently. Over a four year period under Dr. Eckles direction, the Blue Ridge Academy served thousands of high school students who were able to successfully achieve their high school diploma.

During his tenure at Educational Options, Dr. Eckles was also responsible for assuring the quality and completeness of the firm's K-12 curriculum. He led the effort to increase their subject matter content and built this service to include more than 150 on-line high school subjects for their students. Under his leadership, Educational Options licensed the firm's services to tens of thousands of students on a world-wide basis who wished to receive a quality educational services.

Dr, Eckles joined TRI in 2011 as its president and as a board member and shareholder and will serve in a key leadership position to grow our firm and to ensure our client's successful use of our firm's product's and services.

Peter Litchka, ED. D. Senior Vice president

Dr. Peter Litchka is the Senior Vice President of Teacher Resources Inc. and is the Director of our firm's Leadership Program. He also serves as an Associate Professor of Education and Director of the Educational Leadership Program at Loyola University Maryland. Prior to arriving at Loyola University Maryland, Dr. Litchka spent more than 30 years in public education as a teacher, curriculum director, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and has served as superintendent of schools in two school systems.

Dr. Litchka has been recognized at the local, state, and national levels for his contributions to education. He was a teacher-of-the-year in Maryland, received the Milken National Educator Award, the Foundation for Teaching Economics National Award for Excellence in Economic Education, and received three state awards for curriculum by the Maryland Council for Economic Education. During his tenure at Loyola University Maryland, Dr. Litchka has presented research at more than 50 conferences in the United States, Turkey, and Poland. He is co-author of the book, The Dark Side of Leadership-Superintendents and the Professional Victim Syndrome (Polka, W. and Litchka, P., 2008), contributing author in three books, and has had eleven articles published in peer-referred journals in both the United States and Europe. Dr. Litchka has served as a consultant to a number of schools and school districts in leadership development and school improvement.

Richard Hetherington, B.S, CEO and Shareholder

Richard Hetherington, the founder of TRI, possesses a B.S. Degree in Education, with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He began his career as a public school teacher and taught General Science at the middle school level in the Washington, D.C. Public School System. He left the teaching profession to pursue a career in the business world, gaining extensive experience in the design and development of technology based academic products when he joined IBM's Education Division in 1970. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Hetherington has personally conceptualized, designed, developed and marketed a number of successful technology-based products for the educational field. For example, in 1980, he conceptualized and developed an on-line, integrated administrative system for the Montgomery County, Maryland Public School System. In 1985, his firm developed one of the first intelligent courseware authoring systems using voice recognition and artificial intelligence within its instructional methodology.

In 1993, Mr. Hetherington's company negotiated a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Department of Defense's foreign language laboratory. The contractual effort concerned the development of an automated method to teach survival language skills to government employees who were assigned overseas. During this period, his company developed immersion courses in Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic to enable students to achieve a "survival" level of competency in as little as 50 hours of independent study. This claim was verified by George Mason University's Language department, who concluded that students who worked independently in EXITO, his firm's Spanish language program for a 50-hour period, showed a level of proficiency equal to an entire year in a traditional college language course. Over a two year period, Mr. Hetherington successfully sold this product to more than 300 school systems nationwide. In 1995, he sold the rights to this product to Broderbund Software.

In 1997, Mr. Hetherington created Educational Options, Inc., a firm involved in the creation of a web based instructional system for credit recovery. Over the past 13 years, this product has been installed in more than 1,700 schools across the nation and used by hundreds of thousands of students to obtain high school credits. 98% of these clients have continued to renew their yearly license, some for as long as 13 years. This product was sold to others in a multi-million dollar buyout that enabled Mr. Hetherington to concentrate his efforts in creating STATIS and PASS, Teacher Resources Inc.'s new classroom based instructional support system.